Lighting in motion - red light lines guide visitors to the independent cinema festival on the shores of the lake.

Revine Lago, an enchanting lake in the Prealps of Treviso, which for nine days hosts screenings, workshops, art performances, music and international guests.

Lago Film Fest is all this, an event that has continued to evolve since 2005 and has become a reference point for independent cinema throughout Europe. 

For the thirteenth edition of the festival, the graphic design and development of the communication project were entrusted to makethatstudio, a visual research agency, which has collaborated with us on several occasions.

Their work focused on a process of graphical and textual synthesis in which it was decided to eliminate every graphic and decorative element, highlighting instead the essence and spirit of the festival.

That left us with red, a hue missing from the lake and in strong contrast with the landscape yet laden with meaning. The communication project is founded on an installation that lights up the darkness with red in the evening, and this is where Linea Light Group comes into the picture, implementing a product to give tangible form to the artistic vision of makethatstudio.

    Lighting in motion

    Visitors entering the festival will be immersed in red suspended linear lighting, which gently sways as they pass by. Between the small streets and stone houses in the town, the light lines become stiffer and like guards watch over and point to the entrances of each courtyard that hosts screenings and performances.

    In order to realize this installation, together with makethatstudio we designed an ad hoc lighting solution, consisting of portions of red LED strips housed in a rectangular aluminium case, also painted red to amplify the desired effect.

    To make it all even more evocative and dynamic, we decided to run the installation using a DMX protocol with seven different scenarios. The bars were divided into two groups creating a net; they light up alternately and use the fading effect to simulate a two-part dialogue, an interplay of lights that makes the entire installation even more captivating.

    This was one of the very first times when our lighting was not used in a purely functional way, but instead contributed artistically to creating and transmitting a message through form, colour and movement. 

    For Linea Light Group it was a pleasure to be able to contribute to the success of an important event in our local area and it was even more exciting to be able to participate in the realization of something unusual in synergy with other organizations.