Among architectural elements, design and numerous green areas, behind the black walls of our stand, we conceived a concept enabling the product to play a leading role and to be free from any setting, so that it could be independently interpreted as a work of art.

Synecdoche “Rhetorical figure of speech whereby one uses a word figuratively to mean more or part of its whole.” 

This is how we decided to interpret the technological design of the 6 top products in our stand at Euroluce. The theme was dealt with by extrapolating the main characteristic of each lighting fixture to describe its entirety.

The products were installed in such a way as to enhance not only the design itself, but also the material component, highlighted by installations that suggested shapes without, however, translating them into meaning.

In this way six environments were created with iconic forms, characterized by pure, almost dreamlike elements, which complemented and at the same time drew attention to the minimalist lines of the products on display.

These environments featured 5 products from the Material & Design Lighting collection: Mongolfier, Monarque, Diphy, Oxygen and Flurry in brand new versions with new finishes, sizes and shapes.

Added to these was Tour, a product that ideally combines the design collection with the new collection Architectural Lighting introduced for the very first time at Euroluce.

Outside the niches, physically representing the collection, were some new outdoor solutions like Fylo +, Dirigo, Peak Maxi and Cem, with new indoor products such as Gypsum Cell and Rada.

Euroluce also presented a small preview of the new professional collection, such as the small Dot and Laella path marker lights, along with some architainment products such as Archiline RGBW bars, an evolution of façade lighting profiles, and Paseo Move used in the dynamic media facade behind the counter: the special diodes inserted can be controlled individually, allowing you to use the bars as a kind of projection screen. 

The heart of the stand focused on grow lighting technology (in partenership with Bulbo), represented by the now famous Chlorophyll, which allowed for 25 aromatic plants to be grown, and the new Xilema Grow collection, perfect for the cultivation of indoor vertical gardens.

Milan was also an opportunity to present recent award-winning products: Diphy and Oxygen won the Red Dot Award 2017 and Dirigo the IF Design Award.

And of course, the Red Dot Award 2016 winner, 2nights, was also featured, with its four different moods lighting up our Milan days.

Have you breathed the light?

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