Pio and Tito are the minds behind the QUAD wall lamp. We met in order to ask them a few questions

Two brothers born in Venice, Pio in 1973, Tito in 1971, both graduated in architecture from the University of Venice in 1998. After 1996, they start collaborating in the architectural field carrying out several national and international projects and participating in numerous competitions. They also collaborate, as for design and interior furnishing, with the most important and qualified sector companies, such as Linea Light Group.

Pio and Tito are the minds behind the QUAD wall lamp. We met in order to ask them a few questions:

How did you enter the lighting engineering field?
“We were fascinated by the lighting engineering world because it brings to surface and promotes the merging of functionality and aesthetics.”

How would you define your job?
“A job often suspended between human thought and the poetry of nature, so spontaneous, wonderful and true.”

Where do you draw inspiration from for your creations?
“Many ideas are born simply paying attention to the project preamble, a sort of genius loci of the project which drives us to look for meaning and auto-criticism in order to test what we are actually doing and ask ourselves what the ultimate purpose of every sign is.”

What drives you towards light?
“We love working with light. Light can have infinite variations and with such shades, it paints our world. Our research pushes us to merge a strong poetic feeling and the best possible lighting comfort.”

Does being brothers influence your work?
“Luckily we are quite different, each with his own perspective, focus, and sensitivity. The union of diverse characters produces a fertile ground to develop our projects.”

How did the collaboration with Linea Light Group start?
“Linea Light Group has always been an interesting company from our perspective. During the Euroluce Milan Fair in 2013 we met and discovered great understating right from the beginning of our collaboration.”

How was your experience with Linea Light Group?
“We are very interested in our collaboration with Linea Light Group considering the company’s strong predisposition to innovation and experimentation. Linea Light Group is a young, dynamic company able to take risks when believing in a project. Another crucial aspect is the human relationship we created with Gianni Bolzan, Mirco Crosatto and the entire Linea Light R&D staff.”

How did the QUAD wall lamp idea originate?
“The QUAD wall lamp originated from a simple idea, two squares with rounded edges (12×12 cm), one on the wall and the other one containing the LED source in network tension. The two primitive geometric shapes are composed / merged with a 90° angle in a dynamic, plastic and free way.”

What does the QUAD wall lamp stand for in your view?
“QUAD was born during a search for synthesis. Not a cold, minimal, obvious synthesis, rather a synthesis full of empathy which connects QUAD to man and the surroundings.”

From an idea to the finished product: how does a design become a product ready to be launched on the market?
“The path is long and fascinating; many professionals take part in the process with the aim of ensuring the best quality to our finished products.”

What do you like about your job?
“Human relationships, people that meet and get to know each other, people who devote their efforts searching for something true with dedication, modesty, perseverance.”

How do you see the lighting design sector future in Italy and abroad?
“We see a great opportunity for growth and change in this period, the economic crisis pushes designers to pose questions on their specific task, to find out what the meaning and value of the product they are developing are. Always following ethics more than aesthetics.”

In your view, how is it possible to revamp the lighting design culture in Italy through architecture and design?
“We believe that, basically, a company promotes and produces culture through its products, which, in order to create culture, must have a strong ethical and not only aesthetical content. We also believe culture and passion should permeate products in the simplest and most readable way.”