An exhibit where the protagonist is our city and its most famous, but most obscure artist: Giorgione. A chance to promote the territory and its history which we have happily been part of

Through 4 March 2018 in Castelfranco Veneto, you can visit the “Le Trame di Giorgione” exhibit, a joint project where masterpieces of Veneto art are intertwined with the textile heritage of the territory, proposing new interpretations.

This is a widespread exhibit that begins from the Walled City and winds its way through other important locations in Veneto until arriving in Venice.

The hub of the exhibit is the Museo Casa Giorgione which, for the occasion, is hosting works of art, particularly portraits done by great fifteenth century artists from the Venice area. In addition to Giorgione, for example, we find Tiziano Vecellio, Giovanni Bonconsiglio, Jacopo Bassano and Paolo Veronese with their characters, men and women wearing elegant garments made with highly prestigious fabrics that were their status symbol.

Precisely from fabrics and textile manufacturing stems the connection with another core element of our territory: production. This exhibit is also based on the collaboration of many bodies, companies and hospitality organisations which have contributed to the initiative. 

It has been our pleasure at Linea Light Group to provide the lighting for the works and fabrics on the three floors of Casa Giorgione in synergy with the curator, architect Danila Dal Pos, who had some very clear ideas in terms of the lighting required for this exhibit:

The museum is first and foremost a house in which the exhibit has been discretely introduced and the lighting needed to be done with the same discretion, placing the attention on the faces of the protagonists and the particularity of their wonderful garments, leaving all the rest in the shadows.

Lighting that also conceptually respects the emblematic figure of Giorgione, a figure about which only a few details are known, as well as the two works that he certainly left his city: “Il Fregio” and “La Pala”.

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