Spaces which are small, but well built. A single table top for multiple functions. Lighting that adapts to all tasks and every moment of the day. Article by Riccardo Crenna of Simple Flair.

Today more than ever it is difficult to define a function in everyday environments in vertical terms. In a world where professionalism is everything, where being specific and sector-oriented provides the key to success, environments and spaces experience a reversal of trend towards versatility.

Everything stems from need: spaces are small, reduced and full of activity, but this context finds its driving force even where there are no such requirements in the strict sense. From the headquarters of the big IT giants to the new, shared workplaces and even in your own home, a table for example becomes a place for numerous tasks: encompassing a whole range of activities including work, hobbies, food and much more.

If we take a picture of this situation, we realise that the main actors of spaces have caught the change, with the lighting industry in the forefront, changing most of all an environment to evolve using values and characteristics previously untouched. If we think of the world of pendant lamps there is a vast field stretching out before us, consisting of endless possibilities with placements defined in space regardless of function or place, in other words: style which is so strong that it can adapt to any space.

This factor has become of vital importance both in design and in practical terms, offices as private homes find added value in lighting accessories designed to be the cornerstone of space and liveability and at the same time fundamental accents in the overall style of a project. Lamps, pendant lamps for example, that can illuminate a table both for a dinner and a working day without any compromise in terms of looks or performance.

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