The showroom at our headquarters in Resana changes its look: a warm environment, to be lived in and enjoyed, the result of synergy between the architects Didonè and Comacchio and the stylists of makethatstudio, whom we asked to tell us in a nutshell about their work.

Since it was first conceived, LightVillage has always aimed to be something more than just a showroom for lighting products. This is certainly a place which encourages exchange, research and meetings between architects, lighting designers and buyers, who all share the objective of developing ideas for new projects and areas of application.

Through the recent restyling we wanted to underline and expand this concept, with new and historical, decorative and professional products coexisting together, in real and usable settings.

To achieve this we sought the cooperation of the Didonè Comacchio practice for the design part and makethatstudio for the furnishings. We would like them now to explain the project in their own words.

Paolo Didonè, Devvy Comacchio – architects

Arch. Didonè Comacchio

"The partial redesign project of LightVillage for Linea Light Group stems from a specific request by the customer to present the final product in a domestic and contextualised environment, besides being aesthetically in line with the current corporate image.

The area selected for restyling is on the first floor of LightVillage, in a central position relative to the entire showroom, where visitors can enjoy a view of all the micro-environments and surrounding rooms in their current state.

The idea behind the project was developed following a careful reflection on the needs outlined by the client, together with an analysis of the existing exhibition environment and finally a product study. Space distribution in the new showroom remains similar to the existing layout, where a central axis guides the user along a succession of micro-environments. This, exploits and implements their positive aspects, such as the presence of points with a technical room/cavedium in the thickness of the dividing walls, and improves the exhibition space. The result is to provide fewer but more proportionate environments able to accommodate small informal meetings or short breaks between different meetings.

The long central corridor gives access to the different settings and becomes the connective element of a perfect home in line. Every single space is a functional archetype that characterises domestic life with its own, distinctive colour.

The new image of the showroom aligns with the corporate image through a pallet of colours consisting of a dark base colour together with neutral shades, according to a functional/exhibition choice in which the product, which tends to be white, is enhanced by the opposite colour of the architectural elements. The "resulting spaces" become small green areas for the outdoors.

The project area enjoys a particular, dominant position, which observes, and at the same time can be observed, from every point of the showroom. This new part of LightVillage is thus transformed into a sort of "proscenium", a stage hosting the new micro-environments, with a large glass wall featuring a soft dark curtain that, optionally, shields the view of the interior coloured settings and becomes the central restyling element, recognisable and visible even from the ground floor”.

Dea Sgarbossa, Nicola Russo – stylists


makethatstudio has created the furniture design and styling for the new LightVillage, the exhibition showroom for Linea Light Group. Starting from the architectural project by Didonè Comacchio Architects, makethatstudio has designed a multifunctional space, to be lived in and enjoyed.

The spaces, colourful and welcoming, display Linea Light Group products in real settings, where you can have business meetings or indeed employees themselves can find a moment to relax during coffee breaks. Furniture selection ranges between residential and contract, with situations such as: Lounge/Hall, Kitchen/Bar, Studio/Office, Bedroom/Hotel and Bathroom/Spa. Each setting was conceived as a point of design inspiration, to be dynamic and flexible in its approach to working situations, but with a contemporary character, not to mention a friendly, hospitable atmosphere”.


    makethatstudio and Sara Sagui

    Linea Light Group