MA[&]DE is Material, aesthetics according to Linea Light Group. It is Design, a marriage between functionality and technology. And it is added value, recognized and appreciated. A new collection, a catalogue of innovative ideas that translate into refined products, realized with extreme attention to detail.

What is MA[&]DE?

MA[&]DE is Material. It is aesthetics according to Linea Light Group, a range of exquisite finishes that in the new collection are expanded and enhanced, the result of research and precise choices: harmonious shapes and careful attention to detail. Colours and materials give greater value to the product, emphasize its lines and overall appearance.

Enriching our offer for the current year, the hand blown glass of La Mariée spheres in the transparent, copper and smoked finishes. Attractive shiny finishes in copper and black nickel embellish the Hinomaru family, while gold and rose gold give the aluminium cylinders of the new 2Nights versions a touch of charm and elegance. Among the many new colours available, black nickel stands out alongside the copper and the black coating of Mongolfier; the brushed bronze that gives character to Kyklos’ lower ring, and the brushed pink gold that broadens the choice of products in the Dunia family. Finally, total black appears in the Lama and Branch families, true gems of elegance and refinement.

Why so much attention? To make it a feast for the eye!

MA[&]DE is Design. Unique and recognizable, Linea Light Group’s design cannot be separated from technology. A leit motiv that, today, takes on different meanings, all equally important.

Technology lies in adopting intelligent and different solutions for the world of light. Diphy, with its sinuous lines inspired by nature, is the product of internationally-recognized excellence; the OptiLight Technology, combined with the thermoformed diffuser, sets a unique example in the lighting market. Thanks to the Opti-3 technology, the new Hinomaru family adopts an incredibly “slim” body: an extra-thin thickness of only 2 cm and a half!

That's why, for Linea Light Group, design and technology are inseparable. And here are more examples.

Technology lies in the attention to detail that distinguishes the production process of the Mongolfier structure, in order not to compromise the quality of the light. For this reason, its shapes are as aesthetically appealing as they are perfect in accompanying the light that “filters” through the twisted stems and is diffused into the environment.

Technology is in the beauty of the indirect light of Reflexio, a luminous dome for which “glare” is an unknown concept; or in the reliability of Kimia's joint which, like all moving parts, undergoes many rigorous tests before getting the go-ahead.

Is that all? Absolutely not!

The light spectrum of the Bulbo collection, to favour the photosynthesis of plants, would deserve an entire chapter by itself, for the sheer amount of technological research that has gone into creating this range of products.


And again, light that creates and changes the atmosphere of an environment with a touch, thanks to Warm Tune. The customization and versatility that we find in Tablet and 2Nights pendant lights with decentralized suspension, or in the new DALI and Phase Cut dimmers with Casambi system.

Technology lies in simple ideas, which Linea Light Group transforms into refined products with a careful eye to details.


    MA[&]DE is ... something else. Something more: & stands for added value that gets increasing recognition and appreciation. From the very outset, the new MA&DE collection has featured amazing products boasting extremely refined design and meticulous attention to detail.

    That is why Reflexio won the prestigious IF Design Award 2018, while Tablet in the superb floor-standing version was awarded the Red Dot Award 2018. Without forgetting the many successes of 2017, today we are cheering for Diphy in its run up to the Oscar of the Awards, the famous Compasso d'Oro ADI 2018 for which it has been officially nominated.