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Meet. Feel. Show. Enjoy the light | Euroshop 2017 Reportage

With its 113,000 visitors from all over the world, the 2017 edition of Euroshop has record confirmation. Here is our story of the new items presented

Meet, Feel and Show are the concepts embodied by the content of the 3 areas over which our stand at Euroshop was divided. Each of them presented different products, technologies and new solutions to bring sales space lighting closer and closer to the individual user's actual needs.


The first to welcome the numerous visitors to the stand was Diphy (in one of its very first public appearances). The new suspension of the Material &Design Lighting collection with OptiLight technology™ adopted for the first time on a curved surface. This is perhaps the product that, more than any other, characterised our presence at Euroshop, so much that it was nominated as a candidate for AIT-Trend 2017.

Walking along the large patchwork rug placed at the entrance and looking up, we see the new Angular_2 with different optics to enhance the different weaves in the fabric. The spotlights have eye-wifi technology that allows monitoring, control and energy savings of the lighting fixture through the use of apps.


In this area, we find another very attractive element: a garden with lights specifically designed for plant growth. Tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines can grow in an indoor environment without natural light thanks to Xilema Grow, equipped with sources that reproduce the solar light spectrum to accompany the growth cycle of the vegetables.

Our view of the retail world presented at Euroshop also has a point of contact with art and museum lighting. In a typical shop display window, we find an unusual mannequin, a “sustainable Venus de Milo” (made of die-cut cardboard) alongside colourful fashion accessories, details that must be correctly lit, reducing shadows to a minimum. And so the concept of side-lighting comes into play with the new Eyelet combined with Navata Creek spotlights. Completing the “picture” are the Paseo RGBW with a wallwasher optic for dynamic colour effects.

Another display window, another new product: four identical coloured jumpers to highlight the different chromatic rendering of four different types of diodes installed in the Pound spotlights. The first of the four expands the chromatic scale, brightening the most “extreme” colours with its 3000 K under curve with CRI 92, whereas the second, with 3000 K, centre curve and CRI 98 evens out the hues for greater realism. The last two work primarily on the whites, accentuating the shades with respect to the other colours in the third case, with 3000 K under curve with CRI 95, or emphasising perception, dominating the other hues with the fourth and final diode, with 3100K and CRI 92, also under curve.


Two hundred perfume bottles make up an arrangement that is reminiscent of nineteenth-century French perfumeries, introducing the concept of shelves-light to the retail world. In fact, the 15 shelves that make up the 5-metre high shelving are made in PMMA with OptiLight technology™: completely transparent when off, an even light spreads over the entire surface when switched on. By intermittently dimming the luminous flow thanks to the DALI protocol, a dynamic, eye-catching effect is achieved.

A glass showcase that is entirely similar to those in the best-known jewellery shops contains the most “precious” new product: the new range of Pound spotlights and related accessories, with new light rendering and the introduction of the new 47 mm diameter that joins the existing diameters (60, 80 and 100 mm).

Lighting the “jewellery” are the new microfocus units, whereas the ceiling above is all for the new Shore with indirect, upward emission, combined with four Pound units directed downward.

Dissemination finds new and fertile soil in another typical sales environment: a grocery with six glass tubes filled with coloured spices, illuminated and emphasised by downlight with Dynamic White technology and variable colour temperature from 3000 K to 6000 K.

Last, but not least, we would have been remiss not to present Trail at Euroshop, the innovative continuous-row LED system, perfect for lighting large areas in a commercial environment. Between two shelving units filled with colourful baskets hand made by a group of Moroccan craftsmen and glass vases filled with various foods (inspired this time by a typical shop in Bogotá), there are three different types of Trail: Trail Blade, Trail Asym with Angular_1 spotlight and Trail Double Asym.

Know-how, perception and exhibition of a new world where you can experience light among green, organic, sustainability and international suggestions.

Enjoy the Light!


The next event? In Milan with Euroluce.

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