Milan lights up with the Linea Light Group’s lighting solutions  

On the occasion of Milan Design Week Linea Light Group was chosen to emphasize innovative lighting installations in prestigious locations in the city center.

Let’s start with two projects located inside the Exhibition – the fair named “Interni” – “House in Motion” located in the “honor inner garden” of the State University: the “Golden Castle” by Francesco Lucchese for LB Arte Italiana and Frame Emotions by Alexander Bellmann with Gruppo C14.  


For the first installation, which shows the archetype of the castle of cards decorated with porcelain stoneware slabs with the addition of delicate elements in Murano glass, to represent the duality between solidity and fragility, was chose the Periskop,  outdoor projector of Linea Light Group ideal for accent lighting. Thanks to its square shape, it adapts perfectly to the installation geometries; the extremely reduced dimensions, moreover, make it discreet, almost imperceptible, but at the same time extremely performing thanks to the Flood optic that emphasizes the exposed subjects.  


The second second installation, “Frame Emotions” by Alexander Bellmann with Gruppo C14 starts from the reflection on the transition from three-dimensional to digital, with an ironic vision of the frenzy of the contemporary world.

Linea Light decided to use the Rubber, a SMD LED circuit protected by UV-stabilized PVC, because its longevity and high protection against atmospheric agents. The flexible body allows realizing creative light lines with a perfect uniform emission. Elastic and versatile, Rubber is "transformed" into a line of light and in the Gruppo C14 project, "wraps" the squared sides.  


Rubber is also chosen by Progetto CMR to give life to the light sculptures that characterize the innovative installation “Smart Square” realized in “Piazza Castello” inside Inhabits, the village of DDN set up during the Fuorisalone in the spaces around the “Castello Sforzesco” in Milan . A mix of technology, engineering and architecture revisits the square, molding into a new agorà. The fulcrum of the space is the sculpture of light, composed of stylized elements that refer to the men and the Duomo, the symbol of Milan. The sculpture of light, as well as the entire square, comes alive during the walk-by of visitors who become main characters from simple spectators.


Linea Light Group al Fuorisalone:


Interni – House in Motion

Università degli Studi di Milano - Cortile d’Onore

Via Festa del Perdono 7

Dal 16 al 28 aprile


Smart Square - Progetto CMR

DDN - Inhabits

Castello Sforzesco – Piazza Castello

Dal 17 al 22 aprile