After more than one year of research&development Linea Light Group is ready to present an anticipation of the 2018 upcoming products. After a long period of study and innovation, and thanks to its new patented internal circuit structure, the new strips can bend on both axis or can create new installation methods and applications.

From the evolution of our Made in Italy LED Strip Ribbon will derive some new products: there will be a keen study of the materials, application and new technologies. 

The profile is stabilised for an efficient protection against UV rays and long exposition to the sun and has an IP 66-68 protection against humidity and water sprays. It will be available with two different covers for an optimal installation, in different environmental conditions.

Polyurethane cover for standard applications, with temperatures among -20°C and +45°C, or silicone resin, to be installed in extreme conditions, with temperatures among -40°C and +60°C, and the possibility of mounting a LED with a higher power.

The new flexible strips have been developed according to the different project needs. They are not only signaling light or to define spaces, volumes and shapes anymore: the new fixtures we are going to present will be an introduction to different lighting concepts and innovative strips usage.

    Here are some extra details about the prototypes we are working on.

    Keywork: Flexibility

    Mechanical and installation flexibility. The development of a new patent for the PCB flexible system allows us to present a new version that can flex ad curve on two sides, in order to reproduce creative light lines on any surface.

    The opaline resin diffuser, coming out from the profile, creates a 3D perfectly diffused and continuous light emission.


    Another version with flexibility on two axis comes with an extra lateral trimmed profile, which covers eventual imperfections on the installation hole, to make a clean integration with the plasterboard. 


    Outdoor cable system

    Thanks to the steel cable inside the profile, the installation can be easily done by tensing the strip, to create a cable system for outdoor.

    A moulding strip

    The strip profile comes in wrapped reels, and it will have metal plates that control the moulding on one axis, during installation. It is malleable to allow complex applications.

    Also in this case there will be two models that can bend on each side.


    In all these cases the resin used for the cover guarantees seamless lighting on the whole line, for a linear optimal output, without any interruption or dots. 

    Flexible mini-line

    The introduction of optics integrated in the covering resin will allow to control the beam, which can focus and perfectly define the light, like a flexible line, adaptable to any kind of application for illuminating walls, trees, and trunks. The product will be available in two models, both that can bend on one of the two axis.