There are only about twenty days to go before the start of EuroShop, the premier event for the world of retail, and we will be exhibiting with a booth which can best be defined as “living”. Here’s a sneak preview.

EuroShop The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair – will be held from 5 to 9 March in Düsseldorf. This rapidly growing event has increased its exhibition space this year, dividing it into six sensory segments, one of which is obviously lighting, a key aspect of retail design and one which can influence consumer experience and therefore impact sales.

The concept for our booth at Euroshop can be summed up in the word BIO, which we have interpreted primarily as life.

Our aim was to recreate a living, breathing exhibition space thanks to 10 metres of vertical gardens, 150 aromatic plants, 90 falling ivy plants and 20 vegetable plants which will create a real vegetable garden. This green theme is a continuation of the theme we showcased at last year’s Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt and will also feature at the forthcoming Euroluce show, reflecting our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

This theme also influenced our choice of raw materials, decorative elements and accessories as we opted for natural fabrics, organic food and handmade products from all over the world to decorate the booth, giving the space an international flavour.

As well as the plants and colours, the technology used on our booth also represents life: the outside walls will have small openings, windows of pulsating light, which thanks to OptiLight TechnologyTM will alternate a warm, soft light defused through the characteristic pattern, with total transparency so visitors can take a look inside the booth.

Light to emphasize details, light for growth, light to enhance different colours, light for diverse display spaces: each of the technologies and products on display at EuroShop will represent the best light for the specific need. We will be presenting new kinds of diodes and new product ranges alongside existing technologies which have been applied for the first time to the world of retail.

Meet. Feel. Show. Enjoy the Light

Hall 9 – Stand C26


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