Another important recognition for the products in our Material & Design Lighting collection: Diphy and Oxygen have won the Red Dot Award 2017, in the product design category. What are their common features?

A suspension luminaire made up of three petals that seem to float in the air carried by a gentle breeze, and a floor lamp with a long, thin stem crowned by a large luminous petal.

The first of the two winners draws inspiration from nature and is named after Diphylleia, a particular flower that becomes transparent in contact with water, just like the petals of our Diphy when it is switched off. This effect is created thanks to the special texture engraved in the PMMA curved surface that allows even light distribution.

This particular feature, OptiLight TechnologyTM also characterizes the other winner, Oxygen, a new product family designed by brothers Pio and Tito Toso.

A perfect combination of geometric lines, air and light, Oxygen includes four different types of product (suspension, floor, ceiling and wall luminaires) and four colours, where the elegance of black is juxtaposed with the essentiality of white, the lively yellow and pastel blue hues.

Diphy and Oxygen have won the Red Dot Award 2017 (now in its 62nd edition) in a competition featuring designers’ products from 54 countries that were submitted to an independent jury consisting of designers, academics, specifiers and journalists. 

The two major awards are a prestigious recognition for two products that well represent Linea Light Group’s entire design collection, a perfect synthesis between aesthetics and technology.