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London - UK

Lilian Baylis

A former school is transformed into an award-winning residential complex

Revisiting Brutalist architecture

Exterior lighting envelopes a raw architecture blending with it and giving it a new lease of life rich in atmosphere.

Lilian Baylis

The transformative power of light

The former Lilian Baylis secondary school building has been converted and partly extended to be transformed into a residential complex with courts and gardens. The Brutalist-style building dating back to 1960s has stern architectural features such as exposed concrete and sculptural shapes where light effects can alleviate the tension created by the harsh lines of the construction.
Lilian Baylis 
Lilian Baylis 
Lilian Baylis

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    Nulty + lighting design studio transformed the outside appearance of this building by embedding light into the space. The choice of architectural lighting allowed us to give a fresh look to the extremely stern lines without distorting the original architectural style. Gardens and driveways alternate with courts and fountains; Light is placed in such a way as to guide residents and visitors through the intricate plan of the complex, softening the stern aesthetics of the environment with a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Hidden lights, wall washer effects, and subtle, delicate lighting emphasize the boldness of the building without weighing it and conveying its intrinsic history. 

    Products: Xenia, Dans, Paseo, Vedette, Portik. 
    Lighting design project: Nulty+ 
    Photography by James French

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