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Mykonos - Greece

Nammos Village

Exclusive shopping in Mykonos

Mykonos’ new shopping village: luxury and atmosphere

A new retail park built a stone’s throw from one of Mykonos’ most beautiful beaches, Nammos Village features stores of the most exclusive fashion and shopping brands. A wonderful park dotted with fountains where to stroll along lovely footpaths, especially charming and atmospheric at sunset when they light up.

Nammos Village

Light in the landscape

A shopping trip turns into an evocative experience, with the shops of this large outdoors luxury-mall lining up stone paths dotted with charming fountains. In the evening Nammos Village lights up. The stone paths are illuminated by Archiline and Ice-Cut diagonal light lines, along with Footpad path markers around the flower beds and Rubber and Silicone_C light strips along the low stone walls and fountains. The Mediterranean vegetation emerges from the night thanks to Clivo and Suelo, which illuminate the tree trunks emphasizing the details of the bark and the bushes. Finally Cu-Flex fixtures peep from the leaves creating charming patterns with their burnished copper stems.
Nammos Village Nammos Village Nammos Village Nammos Village Nammos Village Nammos Village Nammos Village

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    In this project lighting and landscape design are inextricably linked: for the design of a park like Nammos Village, detail lighting was the right solution to create a welcoming, evocative atmosphere, made of contrasts and visual sensations. Lighting that blends perfectly with the green surroundings, with unobtrusive solutions that guarantee high performance as well as visual comfort: the ideal ingredients for the success of this landscaping project developed by Greenways in collaboration with IFI Group for the lighting part. 

    Architectural design: AREA architects, Frantzeskos Nikolas  
    Landscape: Greenways, Karolos Chanikian 
    Lighting design: IFI architectural lighting works 
    Photos: Yannis Kontos

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      Nammos Village

      Timelapse © George Fakaros