A major restyling for the Japanese restaurant in the Scalo Romana district

The Milanese restaurant, which opened in 2005, has recently seen a restyling of all the five areas that comprise it, with a total of 300 square metres completely redesigned and reorganized. A new style, modern and glamorous, which fits perfectly with its Japanese cuisine and the original cocktail bar inspired by Japanese minimalism. Initial content

Nishiki Restaurant

Atmosphere and soft lighting

The new look of the restaurant is combined with a restyling in terms of lighting technology that has contributed significantly to creating the desired soft and intimate atmosphere. The products, all equipped with LED source, dimmable lights, are managed through a home automation system that allows one to create different scenarios for each environment and situation. In the project solutions with great visual impact are alternated with others, which are utterly discreet and integrate with the architecture and furnishings.
Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant Nishiki Restaurant

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    The elegant Baton has been positioned above the small teal-coloured tables to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. All the suspension lights, in matt black finish with golden interior, have been installed in clusters of three, creating a wave effect that is also taken up by the champagne-coloured metal mesh net. Scenography that moves sinuously on the ceilings backlit by Pound track spotlights for an even more striking effect. The same spotlights also illuminate the wooden Venetian blinds and white curtains that act as dividers between the various spaces. The project is completed by Epitax downlights that discreetly blend with the architecture. 

    Design studio: Naos Design srl
    Photo: Antonio Buonsante

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