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Limassol - Cyprus

Timinis Store

Design, architecture and fashion

Timinis opens a new iconic store

The most important Cypriot retail chain opens its new and iconic store in the heart of the Limassol shopping street. The building is strongly characterized by geometric architecture and a refined and minimal design, to create space for the display of the latest collections by the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

Solutions for retail

The design of the building aims to exploit the geometry of the structure to maximize the impact of the large windows facing the street. The intention is to create an engaging shop window capable of communicating at first glance the exclusivity of the products offered inside. The sculptural form of the building follows the idea of the transformation of a massive element into three smaller primary units, with areas devoted to men, to women and, finally, to offices and auxiliary spaces. The simple yet robust lines of the design convey a modern and minimalist appearance in which the lighting articulates the space and the volumes, becoming an integral element in the aesthetics of the store.

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    The lighting solutions are essential and aim at illuminating the display areas of the store with diffused and indirect light. The walls with minimal shelving and the grooves on the ceilings are emphasized by Ribbon RGB and white light, to create effects and soft atmospheres, while the Warp downlights are introduced to illuminate the items on display through direct light. On the other hand, lighting effects and shapes are the characteristics of the entrance, where the high ceiling is exploited to install Tu-O suspension lights to form geometric shapes and lines of light that decorate the large window, which can also be admired from outside the store.

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