Perfect geometry and high technology meets in an esthetically daring lamp. Suitable to light hotel, resort or residence. Aluminum body in white or polished aluminum finish, PMMA diffuser with WallWasher optics that “wash” the walls with an indirect smooth and diffusive lighting. Available in four versions: ceiling, wall, floor or suspension. Peculiar solutions for the floor version, with concrete base enhancing minimalism and material; and for the suspension, with an adjustable hanging hook, suitable for sloped ceiling, as attics or trussed.


Lama has a thin profile, synthesis between technology and minimalism. Its peculiar shape and double light emission smooth contrasts and marked shadows. Aluminum body with opal polycarbonate diffuser, it is available in different versions, for every designer needs: floor, wall, table, perfect to light up desks and tables, or suspension. Suitable to light open space or hotel. The Office floor version is perfect for lighting spaces with computers, requesting a determined and very high comfortable lighting.


Ironic light. The cloud’s lightness take shape in the sinuous lines of this ironic light sculpture. Mr. Magoo, inspired by the homonymous character’s hat, it’s a hilarious and versatile lamp. Available in three versions: suspension, ceiling or curved floor and in different sizes, suitable for every kind of living space. The polythene unit holds a LED or fluorescent source. Ideal for residence or contract space, contemporary or classic.