Orbiting body two centimeters thick. Kyklos_P1 is a thin matte white polyurethane ring,with indirect main emission. Kyklos_P2 with a second upper ring, transforming the lamp in doubled emission. Available in three wattages and two dimensions, all versions are dimmable with DALI protocol. Wall mounted lamp with a grazing, suggestive light beams, ideal for contract and private residences.


Two shifting squares, merging at right angle in a unique plastic structure. Aluminum case holds the Led source, with its rounded and simple shape, it’s a perfect synthesis between dynamicity and smoothness. The applique is modular, for multiple linear and geometric installations, with a great impact lighting perception. Two new suspensions are available, modular and articulates: one, organic and linear pronged; the second, modular and circular, self-ending, perfect for open space.


Perfect geometry and high technology meets in an esthetically daring lamp. Suitable to light hotel, resort or residence. Aluminum body in white or polished aluminum finish, PMMA diffuser with WallWasher optics that “wash” the walls with an indirect smooth and diffusive lighting. Available in four versions: ceiling, wall, floor or suspension. Peculiar solutions for the floor version, with concrete base enhancing minimalism and material; and for the suspension, with an adjustable hanging hook, suitable for sloped ceiling, as attics or trussed.