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Mini Albatros

Albatros is style and elegance, a transparent and lightweight suspension. From a central body in anodized extruded aluminum, two thin luminous wings with double emitting surface depart, characterized by the innovative OptiLight Technology™, for absolute visual comfort: a pattern of laser engravings allows the light to refract and distribute in a controlled manner. When the fixture is off, the transparent diffusers allow ambient light to pass through, almost disappearing from view. The modularity of the elements optimizes light on workstations. Dimming control ease via DALI protocol.

Gallery Product Albatros Suspension Lineaightgroup 1200X1200

OptiLight Technology

The surface in transparent PMMA features a special texture composed of micro-laser incisions that deflect photons emitted by the side source, channeling the emission downward and upward. The grooved engraving on the edge prevents glare and improves lamp efficiency. A Linea Light Group technology that keeps the product completely transparent when off; when on, it generates soft and glare-free light, for a total perception of visual comfort.

Cover Group Mini Albatros Suspension Linealightgroup 1280X720
Omb Saleri 45 Hd Def
Albatros Modular Closeup
Albatros Trasparenza Pannello 2
Albatros Trasparenza Pannello Accesa 2
Mini Albatros 62916W003493 Gallery Image
Mini Albatros 62916W003494 Gallery Image
Mini Albatros Modular Trasparenza
Mini Albatros
Mini Albatros M Gallery Image

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