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The Rubber families


Rubber_O redefines the lighting experience. Mouldable in every direction, it offers homogeneous 360-degree diffuse light. Made of a special, highly flexible material, this luminaire allows the creation of unique and scenic installations. Its versatility allows light to be modelled according to the designer's creative vision, ensuring an extraordinary impact. With Rubber_O, form meets function to blend into any context. The extraordinary ability to adapt to surfaces of any geometry and size provides a unique opportunity to create dynamic and engaging light compositions.

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Gallery Rubber O Indoor Flexlight Linealightgroup 1200X1200

Rubber 3D

One of a kind

Thanks to the patented internal circuit structure, the product can bend on all axes and make new installation methods and application concepts possible. There is no limit to the imagination: organic, fluid curved structures with sudden changes of direction are no longer a problem thanks to Rubber 3D's unrestricted flexibility. The reels can be easily cut every 45 millimetres for maximum versatility. The in/out cables allow several luminaires to be connected in series while maintaining uniform and constant light throughout the entire length of the installation, without interruptions at the junction points.

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Gallery Rubber 3D Indoor Flexlight Linealightgroup 1280X720 1
Gallery Rubber 3D Indoor Flexlight Linealightgroup 1280X720

Rubber 3D PROtection

IP68-rated, up to 3 metres submersible, in environments such as swimming pools, fountains, vertical waterfalls, modern showers and the like, while ensuring maximum flexibility. In addition, the watertight power cable provides protection from water.

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Rubber 3D Optic

Rubber 3D Optic is equipped with an optical system specially designed by Linea Light Group's R&D department to adapt to the small size of the circuit and the stresses caused by flexibility and bending radius. The TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic reduces secondary beams by increasing the precision of emission, for an excellent wall grazing effect. Once precisely positioned on the LED, the optic is stabilised by the cast polyurethane resin, becoming one with the articulated body of Rubber 3D Optic. This process ensures maximum lighting performance at all times.

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Gallery Rubber 3D Optics Indoor Flexlight Linealightgroup 1280X720

Rubber 2D_Mini

Like the standard 14 mm model, the Mini version is the ideal solution for curves and counter-curves that require bending on a single axis, combining installation flexibility with great performance. IP67 certified, it differs from any other Rubber due to its extremely small dimensions. In just 6mm Rubber 2D Mini concentrates a specially designed circuit that allows for very high performance, against a very thin light, for discrete and elegant linear effects. Like the internal electronics, the accessories, clips and profiles are also specially designed for the strip's minimal footprint.

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Gallery Rubber 2D Mini Indoor Flexlight Linealightgroup 1200X1200