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Suelo_RXFJ - Stainless Steel



Round Tilting Frameless Version

Suelo316_RXFJ, the tiltable uplight designed for outdoor lighting, intended to meet every design need. Easily adjustable with a slotted screwdriver on the appropriate screw, the optical group can be adjusted with a tilt from -30° to +30°. Suelo316_RXFJ is the perfect choice for illuminating and enhancing outdoor spaces with style and functionality. Crafted with an aluminum body and a flange made of stainless steel AISI 316L, this uplight offers resistance and durability over time, ensuring reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions. With three different color temperature (CCT) options and three distinct optics, Suelo316_RXFJ allows for optimal customization of lighting. The installation with flush flange ensures a clean and discreet appearance.

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