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Trix-C - White



Single strung version

Explore Trix-C: the perfect indoor track light, complete with included driver and 3000K color temperature (CCT). With its elegant and modern design, Trix-C seamlessly fits into a variety of indoor environments, adding a touch of style and impeccable lighting. 
Thanks to the advanced OptiLight™ technology and high-quality materials used, Trix-C provides uniform and comfortable light, perfect for creating the desired atmosphere in any room. The fixture's body can be chosen in aluminum, painted white, or black, with a crinkle finish for a touch of sophistication. The polycarbonate diffuser, equipped with laser micro-incisions, ensures even light distribution.
Whether illuminating an office, a shop, or a residential space, Trix-C stands out for its reliability and versatility. With the included driver, installation is quick and simple, allowing you to immediately enjoy the benefits of this high-quality lighting solution.

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