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Recessed optical compartment

Warp's shape has been specially designed to optimise luminous efficiency while ensuring optimum visual comfort. This is made possible by the recessed optical compartment.

1280X1920 Warp Sectiongallery
1280X1920 Sectiongallery
1280X1920 Sectiogallery

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Careful design

Aesthetic harmony with the false ceiling is achieved with the Warp collection of recessed luminaires. Use of the extremely slim flange means it is possible to maintain visual continuity in the surface.

Comfort visivo
Comfort visivo
420X280 Warp
750 1125 WARP

Tilting version

The items of the Warp_RJ series are characterised by mobility of 360° on the horizontal axis and an inclination of 25° on the vertical axis.

Warp Square Basculante

Glass Optics

Thanks to the special glass optics, designed specifically to be positioned inside the Warp_R PRO optics compartment, the distribution is significantly improved, guaranteeing uniformity and cleanliness of the light beam.

Warp R Pro Linealightgroup 1200X1200 1
Warp R Pro Linealightgroup 1200X1200 2