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Hotel Sofitel Barcelona

Spanish movida and French art de vivre

Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Sofitel Barcelona
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Barcelona, Spain

Lighting Design

Fantastico Lighting Partners + Autentico Architectural Lighting Design


Jordi Anguera



Hotel Sofitel Barcelona

The lightness of solid architecture

The restyling - which marked the hotel's move from Pullman Hotels and Resorts to Sofitel, both belonging to AccorHotels, one of the world's largest French hotel groups - involved the creation of stylised, urban interiors in which lighting is a key element. The meticulously designed lighting was built into architectural features both indoors and out, in order to draw attention to the building's modern structure.

An oasis of light in the centre of Barcelona

A stone's throw from the sea and overlooking famous Barceloneta beach, very close to the Barrio Gótico and the beating heart of the city, Sofitel Barcelona Skipper combines French elegance with lively local culture. A mixture that turns a stay in this 5-star hotel into an unforgettable experience. A green oasis where you can a break from Barcelona's non-stop movida and enjoy the unparalleled art of French living. 

Sofite Barcelona 1200X1200

The lighting design required the installation of a number of indoor and outdoor solutions, all featuring compactness, versatility of use and excellent performance, in the service of several definite aims.

Starting with the outside, for instance, where the facade boasts a vertical garden over 15 metres tall, the aim of the lighting scheme was to display it using perfectly integrated lamps. Hence the wall-mounted version of the Archiline_W with elliptical beam, which creates a stunning effect that also highlights the urban surroundings, along with Silicone_F LED strip lights, for a vertical rhythm of windows in the facade and a dynamic feel to greet the arriving visitor. In the entrance area, the platform roof is emphasised by Periskop mini spots, installed in the ceiling to light the floor below, and Rubber 2D LED strips to outline the shape of the platform itself.
The hugely scenic rooftop pool has Rubber 3D Protection LED strips installed at the edges, a discreet and elegant way to emphasise its shape. Elegance also inspired the designers to choose the Silicone_C LED strip to light the access steps to the pool.

Finally, to add brightness to the garden and allow its green to shine through even at night, Shaker directional spotlights were placed inside pots and planters, while the green wall beside the rooftop pool features the Xenia AF Pro recessed strip with super-warm LED and IP68-rated light source.

Sofite Barcelona 1260X1680

The interior lighting was also meticulously designed to showcase the hotel's architecture and mood. The public areas, for example, with their chic and elegant design and typically French style, are lit with a combination of the Silicone_F LED strip and the Cell recessed downlight with wall-washer beam. Meanwhile, in the corridors, Optus-EX directional downlights offer compact design and minimal bulk, combined with the versatile Cob recessed spotlight, available in several versions, and the single-emission Ribbon Hi-Flux LED strip.

The foyer of the conference room features the Cell_Ww downlight alongside the Rubber 3D Optic LED strip and the Cob40 spotlight, highly valued for its compact size and great performance. The PU_C Plus Hi-Flux single-emission LED strip beautifully illuminates the marble counter in the foyer.

In the bedrooms, the preference was for decorative solutions that would highlight stylish details. To this end, the Silicone_F LED strip used in ceilings and inside some items of furniture is combined with Quantum_R directional recessed downlights, used to illuminate artworks hung, for example, at the head of the bed, as well as providing excellent lighting in showers. And for an extra touch of elegance in the bathroom, the Quara_R recessed wall lamp is a drop of light set in a rounded aluminium body, with an LED source that emits a discreet, subtle light, perfect for revealing the figure.
The chosen solution for terraces and balconies is the Orma, the versatile recessed spotlight that's ideal for any space and any installation.

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