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Mama Shelter Hotel

Charm and high technology

Rennes, France

Mama Shelter Hotel

Rennes, France


Mamashelter Hotel, Suitcase Hhospitality, Groupe Legendre, For Bzh

Lighting Designer



Cyril Folliot

Mama Shelter Hotel

An hospitality place designed to offer elegance and comfort between social life, partying and relax.

A luminous project aimed at enhancing the shapes of a prestigious hotel. That is our work for Mama Shelter Hotel: this last one is supported by @mamashelter @suitcase_hospitality, @groupe_legendre, For Bzh.
Products that follow and emphasize the architectural lines of the building, from the dormer windows to the long terrace, from the arches that dominate the first floor to the large glass doors.
Lighting up is an art that combines functionality and style, creating tailor-made solutions that enhance aesthetics while emphasizing its most unique features.

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Fascinating effects of light rising from the ground animating the facades in an elegant succession of luminous lines, enhancing the Mama Shelter Hotel’s inner courtyard.

Excellent performance, visual comfort, resistance to outdoor elements and durability are the strength points of Suelo uplight family.
With their innovative anti-glare black silk-screened protective screen, our Suelo uplight is the ideal solution in the outdoor settings for hotel applications, as well as urban and architectural projects. Available in fixed and adjustable versions, with a variety of different optics.

Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1200X1200

Mama Shelter Hotel reveals its charm also through the fine details that characterize its facade.

Highlighting architectural elements: that is also a task of lighting design.

And choosing the most effective light to do that is the first step: these are the foundations on which Xenia has been designed.
Resistant to wide temperature variations without drops in performance, our Xenia is easy to be installed also on walls and cornices and allows to emphasize specific features by adjusting the light beam direction as desired.

Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1260X1680
Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1920X1280 1
Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1920X1280 4
Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1920X1280
Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1920X1280 3
Hotel Mama Shelter Cover Llg 1920X1280 2

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