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OVS Headquarters

The ideal work light

Mestre, Italy

OVS Headquarters
  • Indoor

  • Office


Mestre, Italy


Filippo Rossi

Architectural project, interior design

ZAA Zanon Architetti Associati



OVS Headquarters

The revamped headquarters are filled with new light

Founded in Padua in 1972, OVS is a company that has expanded and reinforced its position throughout Italy over the years becoming a reference point in the men, women and children’s clothing sector. The interior of its headquarters, located in Mestre in Via Terraglio, have undergone a major restyling to create an area destined to become a reference point for one of the most important commercial businesses in the Venice area, in line with a vision geared towards making its customers feel good.

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OVS Headquarters Gallery 1280X1920
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There were two areas involved in this first stage of the project, each one with its own specific functional and, therefore, lighting requirement, successfully met by the solutions of the Linea Light Group. The long area housing the management offices, in which the flexibility of the spaces now and in the future, plays a predominant role, plus an area for events, refreshment and staff relaxation.

The work environments on both levels, conceived as open spaces, feature groups of workstations interspersed with low storage units and meeting rooms. The transparency of the latter does not compromise the clarity of the overall vision, maintaining a clean and ordered perspective. After identifying an approach that guaranteed long-lasting efficiency even in the face of changes to the layout of the workstations, the Modus system by Linea Light Group proved to be the ideal choice for lighting the work spaces. This preference is due to the exceptional layout freedom offered by the different modules and, even more significantly, to its excellent lighting quality. Modus is, in fact, the modular pendant system optimised for human-centric lighting, developed, therefore, to improve time spent in the workplace and designed to offer a high level of visual and living comfort.

Chosen in the burnished finish, the system was fitted here with Modus_M Microprismatic modules, an elegant linear element that provides an excellent distribution of light even on areas with two opposite-facing workstations, thanks to an optical system that combines overlapping microcells, a batwing filter and microprismatic refractor. In the areas where there are less desks, the Modus_M Cell module is combined with the Microprismatic module, thus ensuring excellent glare control, thanks to its optic compartment that exploits the precision of the metallised polycarbonate micro reflectors with convex facets and special cylindrical cut-off cells.

Technology that is also used in the meeting rooms and recreation zones, whether break, reception or distribution areas, featuring Cell_S ceiling-mounted elements. Specially customised to ensure the individual energy supply of the light fixtures by inserting a chrome-plated channel running through them, positioned in accordance with the specific configuration of the Modus system.

OVS Headquarters Gallery 1200X1200 1

The slatted false ceiling which hides the visible systems along the central axis has been lowered and lighting is provided by track-mounted Pound projectors, set slightly back from the edge of the slats, creating a discreet but highly functional light. A series of different size areas are laid out along the route with additional functions requiring specific measures. There are increasingly popular booth areas providing added privacy for calls while the compact cupboard systems provide handy storage space for files and documents. Given the special functional characteristics of these elements, the installation of a light point positioned midway between the standard spacing used in the rest of the area was considered during the design phase. This approach ensures adequate lighting from any consultation point, guaranteeing the presence of at least two effective light points at all times.

For the service areas, such as the restrooms, Loro_Q, the downlight from the Loro range was used, with its minimal, understated look, ideal for installation in false ceilings, while for the entrance stairs, the walls were highlighted by the grazing effect of the dual light emission of Box_W2, the box-shape wall light with a minimal design, chosen here in a white finish.

The area reserved for events and refreshment, designed once again by ZAA Zanon Architetti Associati, called for a different solution. While maintaining the same visual look, mirrored by the use of the same lighting elements chosen for the management sector, the areas here generally do not undergo major layout changes. The heart of this area and pivot between the various functional areas is the cafeteria, a dynamic environment featuring different volumes and bathed in natural light from the skylights that cover part of it. The Modus system is used here in the white finish, fitted with Modus_M Cell modules. In the remaining part, lowered by the false ceiling, diffused lighting is guaranteed by Cell, the recessed downlight with different strengths based on its position: stronger in the corridors and softer in the refreshment area. The conference room is another key area of the company. A dual scenario has been envisaged here, with five lines of Modus lights fitted with Modus_M Cell modules, in the same white finish and adapted to light the entire area, including workshops or activities requiring the use of tables. Each line is also fitted at the ends with Modus_M Projectors, which when suitably angled, only illuminate the outer walls, thus providing non-invasive lighting, allowing users to keep their focus on the conference speaker. 
For the employee areas, the Rollip60_MP system was chosen which illuminates the large break room where workers go to relax.

OVS Headquarters Gallery 1260X1260 3

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