The new DIALux plugin

Good design means a good lighting system that will surely contribute to the realization of spaces enhancing life quality.
By using the new Linea Light Group plugin developed by DIAL, always making reference to the proper technical lighting information of our products, designers will have the possibility to realize a technical lighting project that is consistent with the surrounding environment as well as with control parameters such as illuminance, shadows, luminance, and homogeneous light in order to ensure accurate high-quality results.
DIALux Plugin Linea Light Group
DIALux Plugin Linea Light Group

DIALux Plugin Linea Light Group

Designing entire buildings and setting real-time light scenarios.
Now easier and even more performing
Processor P IV or later · Frequency 1.4 GHz or faster · main memory 1 GB RAM · grafic card OpenGL able grafic card · resolution 1280 x 1024 px · supported operating systems Windows Vista, Windows XP (with SP2), Windows 7.

Linea Light AR

Light and design within easy reach

Linea Light Group introduces MA[&]DE, the new augmented reality based app for viewing and testing our design lighting fixtures in any context, from your house to your office, and learning more about the must-have awarded products from the 2015 collections.
ma&de app

Linea Light AR app

LINEA LIGHT AR is available for iPads and can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store.