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Linea Light Group


Now the driver is on board!

We have researched and developed devices that fit in the palm of one hand, yet maintain performance

The new minispots do not require remote power supplies during installation. They are carefully designed objects that contain the best and smallest technology available. The integrated driver, built into the luminaire body, can be switched to different configurations such as Up-Light, Path-Markers and Accent Lighting. The new luminaires have extremely compact dimensions and the steel body is ideal for outdoor installations thanks to a high degree of protection (IP67). Linea Light Group has made available to the professional different optics suitable for even the most demanding applications. Easy, fast and well-made are the three pluses that define the new technological frontier achieved by Linea Light Group.

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High efficiency becomes Slim

The new Slim High Efficiency (Slim HE) power driver is characterised by an innovative concept

Abbiamo sostituito componenti elettronici deperibili, poco efficienti e difficilmente riutilizzabili con nuove tecnologie ad alte prestazioni e riciclabili in modo più veloce e vantaggioso. Questo driver, progettato per resistere al tempo, offre una durata di oltre 20 anni, superando di gran lunga gli standard di settore. Grazie alla sua struttura avanzata, HE è in grado di alimentare fino a 11 watt, garantendo prestazioni affidabili e sostenibili nel lungo termine. L’assenza del convertitore, contribuisce non solo all’efficienza energetica, ma anche a una maggiore durata operativa senza compromessi sulla potenza fornita.

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Sustainable design

Creating Products Designed for Long-Term Sustainability

Our lighting line embraces the TM66 evaluation system not only as a tool to assess the degree of sustainability of our current products, but also as a fundamental guide for the development of future devices. We intend to use the TM66 method as the basis for the design and creation of innovative luminaires, aiming for both environmental sustainability and high standards of quality and durability. This approach allows us to create advanced lighting products and constantly pursue the goal of reducing environmental impact, ensuring a bright future for both our solutions and the environment.

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Connected to the future


Twil is the innovative wireless technology owned by Linea Light Group that allows the configuration and control of fixtures through smart devices and PCs. A lighting system with Twil technology can include, in addition to high-efficiency lighting fixtures, sensors for automatic control of presence and brightness.

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The emission of a LED source can present imperfections resulting from the refraction of light.

F.O.L., a system of filters made of polyethylene terephthalate, safeguards the cleanliness of the light beam and ensures excellent optical efficiency. The filters, installed adhering to the fixture's diffuser, define the outgoing light beam by optimizing it from both visual and physical perspectives. There are a total of 5 filters with different levels of opacity and a different composition of macrostructures that are combined according to the application they are intended for. The patented F.O.L.™, Filtering Optical Layers, system is present in the optical compartment of some families of I-Lèd fixtures, such as downlights, uplights, and wall sconces.


Within the connection cables of outdoor-installed fixtures, moisture can form, compromising the product's functionality.

The AquaStop system, equipped with anti-suction function and applied to all fixtures intended for ground installation outdoors, prevents the entry of water and percolate for maximum protection of conductors and internal components. The resin, positioned inside the lamp body near the cable gland, provides the best possible protection without affecting the cable's section, thus not hindering its passage through the corrugated conduit.


Voltage surges can compromise the integrity and operation of electronic devices.

SmartWave power supplies, thanks to various hardware components, ensure a longer operational life of power systems and the devices connected to them. In particular, SmartWave technology protects against overvoltage (surge protection) and electrostatic discharges (through the ESD component, ElectroStatic Discharge protection), which are responsible for most cases of malfunctioning lighting systems. SmartWave power supplies can operate with input voltages up to 7kV, a value that exceeds the minimum protection value by seven times according to current standards, and are tested with discharges up to 30 kV, while the minimum value required by the CEI EN61547 regulation is 4 kV for contact discharges and 8 kV for discharges in air.


Achieving warm and comfortable light simply by adjusting the intensity is now possible.

The new Warm Tune technology recreates the nostalgic effect of incandescent lamps with the latest generation LED. As the intensity decreases, the light gradually becomes warmer and softer, until it reaches a candle-like effect. The arrayLED light source used and the study of dedicated optical groups ensure maximum visual comfort, excellent cleanliness of the light cone, and a high color rendering index (CRI 92): these characteristics are present both when the lamp is set at maximum intensity, with a color temperature of 3000 K, and when it is adjusted to the minimum, with a color temperature of 1800 K.


Achieving a highly efficient and discreet lighting system suitable for both professional and decorative use is now possible.

OptiLight, a panel made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with incredible transparency, distributes the light emitted by the perimeter LED source perfectly evenly thanks to the special laser-engraved texture. The light thus becomes soft and glare-free, providing a total perception of visual comfort. OptiLight technology allows for high luminous performance while ensuring effective luminance control, a characteristic that makes products adopting this solution perfect for use in offices and workplaces where EN 12464-1 standards must be met. Products with OptiLight technology are also suitable for installation in residential environments of both classic and modern styles: the material's transparent characteristic makes the installed products practically invisible when turned off, ensuring maximum discretion and adaptability.


Achieving a lighting system that ensures excellent visual comfort is now possible.

Opti-3 technology, developed in Linea Light Group laboratories, combines the physical properties of different materials and processes to achieve uniformity and excellent control of light distribution. Luminous panels with Opti-3 technology consist of 3 layers that channel the light emitted by the topLED circuit positioned along the perimeter of the aluminum lamp body. The central panel is made of laser-engraved polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with a specially designed texture to ensure uniform distribution over the entire surface: while the light projected upwards is reflected by a flux recovery system that limits light dispersion and facilitates heat dissipation, the light emitted downwards is filtered by an opaline PMMA diffuser that provides excellent diffusion and high protection.


Reproducing sunlight tones to enhance indoor living is now achievable.

The new Dynamic White modules, combined with specially developed management systems, allow for the blending of Warm White and Cold White. With a single product, it's possible to reproduce all color temperatures from 3000 K to 6000 K. Recent studies on circadian rhythms have demonstrated how variations in natural light temperature, from dawn to dusk, influence people's well-being. Being able to replicate these frequencies in enclosed environments, such as offices, hospitals, and airports, can bring benefits to those who live and work in these places.