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The Alux families

Gallery Product Alux Ceiling Linealightgroup 1920X1080


Quality and precision


Ideal solution for warehouses, commercial settings and sheds 

Gallery Product Alux Ceiling Linealightgroup 1260X1680 (1)
Sealed ceiling light with a high resistance index

Alux is fully protected against dust and water jets. The robust body is made of anodised extruded aluminium, the caps of powder-coated die-cast aluminium and the diffuser of tempered glass. The luminaire can be installed as a surface-mounted, pendant or bar-mounted luminaire thanks to the included accessories. Alux fulfils many different lighting requirements in different contexts and is therefore the ideal solution for illuminating industrial halls, warehouses or commercial areas.

Wide range for every need

The Alux surface-mounted or pendant LED luminaire features a high-precision optical package. Combining different technologies, Alux is perfect for every industrial environment from warehouses to wineries but also steel mills and foundries. Within the Alux range we can find: the new Alux PRO available with l-LéD Growing technology designed for indoor cultivation, it differs from the Growing technologies currently on the market for the adaptability and customisation of the sources; Alux HP designed and developed to withstand operation in critical environments, where there may be oil mist in the atmosphere or temperatures may reach 70°C

Gallery Product Alux Ceiling Linealightgroup 1260X1680 (1)

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