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Bart_W Switch - White

Bart_W Switch


Wall version

An elegant light source, a tasteful spotlight. Bart_W is a wall spotlight in white coated aluminium or black wrinkle-effect, with directional head. The diffuser in transparent polycarbonate filters a 45° light beam, to light small furnished spaces that deserve attention, or to accompany night-time reading at the head of the bed. Bart_W is dedicated not only to lighting artistic venues, retail spaces and hotels, but also residential environments.

Elegant, soulful spot light

Bart_S Switch is a wall-mounted projector made of white or wrinkled black painted aluminium with a swivelling head. The transparent polycarbonate diffuser filters a light beam with an amplitude of 45°, to rediscover the shapes and details of particular settings, creating zones of light in key spots. Bart_S Switch is dedicated to lighting residential environments.

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