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Clear_MP - White



Clear_MP is a pendant lighting system that combines elegance and functionality. With its aluminum body and PMMA diffuser, it provides uniform and pleasant lighting. Available in two finishes, white and black, and with a diffused optic, Clear_MP easily integrates into any environment. Thanks to its modular nature, you can create unique and customized compositions to meet your lighting needs.

Infinite possible compositions

Thanks to the transparent screen, the pendant disappears from view when switched off, blending into the space. Minimalist element ideal for modern rooms for functional soft lighting. No glare problems (UGR)

Gallery Product Clearmp System 1200X1200 1

Imaginary light window

Clear opens upwards and downwards at the same time, illuminating the room with a usa light. A thin aluminium frame delimits the engraved diffuser with OptiLight TechnologyTM, an innovative technology from Linea Light Group to regulate the distribution of light on the emitting surface.

Gallery Product Clear System 1200X1200
Gallery Product Clear System Linealightgroup 1920X1280
Gallery Product Clear System Linealightgroup 1280X1920
Gallery Product Clear System Linealightgroup 1280X1920 1

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