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Cob40_RJ - White



Adjustable round version

Cob40_RJ, the compact and efficient recessed light that perfectly adapts to any environment. The tiltable version can be oriented on an axis of +25° and -25°, and it comes in two power options: 6.5W and 18W. The Cob40_RJ downlight stands out for its small size and high performance. With its new accessories, it can customize the color of the inner ring to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding environment. Made of high-quality aluminum, the Cob40_RJ combines design and functionality to provide impeccable lighting in any setting.

Minimal footprint in any installation environment

Minimal footprint in any installation environment

Cob40 is a recessed mount with reduced dimensions and high efficiency. Available in two versions, fixed or tilting, in three power versions - 6.5W, 15W and 18W.  Thanks to the new accessories, Cob 40 can change the colour of the inner ring to adapt and match the surrounding environment. Aluminium body.

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