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Cob44_RJ - White



Tilting version, IP 44

COB44_RJ is a directional spotlight that is the result of long specific research activities aimed at attaining outstanding performances combined with very simple installation. The round structure houses a reflecting aluminium optical compartment from which flows a high-quality light beam emitted by an arrayLED source. Also available in the driverless version, to be directly connected to the mains, the downlight has an IP44 protection rating. COB44_RJ is particularly suitable for public spaces such as offices and shops and for private homes.

Minimal footprint in any installation environment

Minimal footprint in any installation environment

Cob40 is a recessed mount with reduced dimensions and high efficiency. Available in two versions, fixed or tilting, in three power versions - 6.5W, 15W and 18W.  Thanks to the new accessories, Cob 40 can change the colour of the inner ring to adapt and match the surrounding environment. Aluminium body.

The other Cob families

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