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Dublight_SB - White



Rectangular surface-mounted version

Dublight_SB is a ceiling lamp with integrated LED source, characterized by a minimal shape and a modern and refined design. With a rectangular shape, this ceiling lamp has an embossed white painted metal frame and a satin polymethylmethacrylate diffuser, in which a texture of small squares allows the light to exit, creating diffused lighting and at the same time a captivating aesthetic. of the lighting body. Its shape and efficiency make it possible to apply this ceiling both in living and working contexts, such as offices or rooms for common use.

Minimal and contemporary design

A ceiling light with a minimalist and contemporary design. A satin-finish PMMA diffuser, the wrinkled white painted metal frame draws a square figure, in three different sizes, or a rectangular one, into which an LED source is inserted. Light escapes from small regular openings that emphasise each other in an attractive pattern, for diffuse lighting.

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