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Eta - White



Ceiling version

Inspired by the star of the same name in the Orion constellation, Eta represents a new ceiling solution: light, high-performance, extremely high-performance and bright... just like a star! In reality, the technology that allows Eta to combine high performance with an extremely compact aesthetic is not spatial, but very 'terrestrial'! It derives from the experiments of Linea Light Group's R&D Department and from the know-how of highly qualified technicians who work daily with different optics and lenses to meet the most diverse design requirements. Eta mounts a latest-generation TIR lens, implemented in a lamp body just 2.5 centimetres thick with a CRI90 warm-white LED array source. The aesthetics are deliberately reminiscent of adjustable spotlights with an arm, but declined in a modern key for an attractive product that combines a refined appearance with surprising performance. All with a wide choice of three different optics: spot, medium flood and wide flood.

Inspired by the star in the constellation Orion

Gallery Product Eta Projectors Linealightgroup 1280X720
Gallery Product Eta Projectors Linealightgroup 1920X1080
Gallery Product Eta Projectors Linealightgroup 1280X1920 1
Gallery Product Eta Projectors Linealightgroup 1920X1280

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