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Warp_R EVO - White

Warp_R EVO


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EVO downlights are innovative, interchangeable, fully recyclable and sustainable luminaires. We realise that protecting the environment is a major concern of our time. For this reason, i-LèD has developed a series of luminaires that contribute to reducing environmental impact, without compromising quality or functionality. The Warp_R EVO family, which takes its aesthetic cue from the Warp_R downlight, offers a choice of 3 different wattages that can be managed in On-off, Dimming 1-10V and DALI protocol, two basic finishes (black and white) with the possibility of interchanging them with gold and copper front accessories, 3 optical arrangements, 5 optics with different apertures and 4 colour temperatures.

Evo: Modular lighting for sustainable projects. Innovative, interchangeable, totally recyclable and sustainable products

We realise that environmental protection is a major concern these days. For this reason, i-LèD consists of a series of luminaires developed to help reduce environmental impact without compromising quality or functionality.

Every single element of the new Evo downlight series, is designed to be assembled and disassembled simply through mechanical movements.

This innovative system also allows you to customise your fixture with infinite combinations which span 3 different design aesthetics (Quantum_R, Vos_R, Warp_R), 4 color finishes, 3 optic layouts to increase visual comfort, 5 optics with different openings4 colour light temperatures and 3 different powers controlled by On-Off, Dimming 1-10V and DALI protocol.

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Toward a circular economy



Recycled material








Leed Certification Compliant

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, is an internationally recognized U.S. rating and certification system for sustainable buildings. Part of the EVO range, it meets the expected LEED parameters in terms of luminance and CRI.

Evo Leed Certification