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Gypsum_QD - White



Recessed quadrangular version with concealed heatsink without driver 

Introduce a touch of elegance and functionality into your space with the recessed decorative spotlight Gypsum_QD. Crafted with a paintable gypsum body, this downlight seamlessly blends with the ceiling, ensuring aesthetic continuity.
The Gypsum_QD features a square shape for the gypsum body, imparting a modern and refined design. Available with CCT color temperatures of 3000 and 4000, this spotlight offers versatile options to suit your lighting preferences.
Thanks to the diffuse optics, the Gypsum_QD ensures uniform light distribution, creating comfortable and glare-free illumination. The non-integrated driver offers various management options, including on/off, 1-10V push, and Dali push, enabling precise lighting control.
The Gypsum_QD is available in two versions: Gypsum_QD1 and Gypsum_QD2. The former features a visible heatsink, while the latter has the heatsink hidden.

Integratable in any environment

Gypsum body

Crafted with a paintable gypsum body, these fixtures seamlessly blend into any space, blending perfectly with surrounding walls.

With a discreet design and cutting-edge technology, the Gypsum range offers sophisticated and modern lighting solutions for every space.

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