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Loro_RJ - White



Round tilting version

Especially conceived for false ceilings with limited installation space, Loro is fitted with a curved rear heat sink requiring a reduced depth. The optical compartment featuring soft lines perfectly integrate with the ceiling, while the recessed light source ensures excellent visual comfort.

Ingombro minimo

Minimal size

Using a curved rear dissipator reduces the recess depth and allows the Loro range of products (except for the 25 W) versions to adapt to the installation on dropped ceilings with height lesser than 10 cm.

A solution that allows for maximum versatility, combined with minimalist aesthetics, a wide range of versions and finishes and excellent visual comfort.

LORO 80660 2023 (1)
LORO 97153 2023 (1)
LORO 80360 2023
93450 Loro RJ 13W Stp 2023

UGR and Aesthetic filter 

1260X1680 Loro

The optics group, consisting of a chrome-plated reflector and a transparent polycarbonate diffuser offers an optimal reflectance control and a UGR index below 19, i.e. the threshold value for the correct lighting of offices and environments with video terminals (UNI-EN 12464-1 standard).

Aesthetic filter

The new type of optics filter, designed specifically to hide from view the LED positioned inside the product, it allows an aesthetic upgrade and a cleaner style of the downlight, maintaining the same lighting performance.

Optical compartment IP 65

Loro, a recessed downlight, is particularly suitable for suspended ceilings with limited manoeuvring space. The recessed LED light source ensures full visual comfort with IP65, i.e. total protection against the ingress of dust and extremely small particles, as well as against splashes and jets of water.

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1280 720
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750 500 1
750 500 2
750 500
Gallery Product Loro Downlight Linealightgroup Zzzxzzz
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