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The Myia families

Gives a touch of class to facades and walls

Original and innovative solution

Designed by OKAPI Light for Linea Light Group, the special shape adapts aesthetically and functionally to corner structures, while the right-angle emission, perfectly homogeneous both horizontally and vertically, allows for creative and impactful corner lighting effects.

Myia is an outdoor wall light with a triangular shape. The design has been conceived to adapt to the angular structures of façades and to integrate with the architectural component, in the search for the perfect union between visual harmony and functionality. The innovative 90° optic allows the beam to be emitted at right angles, for homogeneous illumination both horizontally and vertically. Myia finds application in urban lighting, hospitality facilities and private residences.

Gallery Myia Wall Lights Linealightgroup 1200X1200
Gallery Myia Wall Lights Linealightgroup 1280X1920 1
Gallery Myia Wall Lights Linealightgroup 1280X1920

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