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One to One_S - White

One to One_S


Ceiling version

Versione plafone One to One_S compared to the recessed version One to One_C. An elegant and modern addition to illuminate your spaces with style. Equipped with CCT 3000 and integrated driver, this ceiling light offers uniform and comfortable illumination. Thanks to the white polymethyl methacrylate diffuser and the white crinkle-coated aluminum frame, it seamlessly integrates into any environment. Additionally, with the option of a phase cut dimmer accessory, you can adjust the light intensity according to your preferences. Choose the versatility and elegance of the One to One series, also available in the recessed version One to One_C. Brighten your spaces with style and functionality.

Ideal for residential or commercial spaces

Recessed light disc

One to One_S illuminates wherever it is directed. An adjustable lamp in embossed white, suitable for illuminating different rooms in residential projects. White embossed painted aluminium frame; sandblasted polymethylmethacrylate diffuser.

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