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Orma_IJ - Stainless Steel



Swivelling steel round version

Orma_IJ is a versatile solution that can also be used as a steplight. With its aluminum body and flange in AISI 316L stainless steel, it offers optimal strength and durability. The swing flange installation ensures a clean and discreet appearance. Additionally, its adjustable tilt range from -20° to +20° allows you to adapt the lighting to specific environmental needs.

Unaltered performance and materials

Orma_IJ, aluminium overhead door

Orma_IJ is an up-and-over luminaire with an extremely small body, just 51 millimetres thick, that can be connected directly to the mains supply, thus eliminating the need for external power supplies in favour of easier and faster installation.

+/- 20°
+/- 20°
Orma Lj Linealightgroup Outdoor Downlight 1200X1200 1
Gallery Product Downlight Orma Linealighgroup 1920X1280
Gallery Product Uplight Orma I Linealighgroup 1280X1920

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