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Orma_IM - Stainless Steel



Round version in steel and Half Moon optics

A great new addition to the Orma family

Ottica Half Moon

This pathway marker features a Half Moon optic, designed for recessed wall or floor installation. It makes it possible to create perfectly signalled and visible light paths. The special Moon optic allows the light cone to be sectioned for high visual comfort and to be easily pivoted so as not to constrain positioning during installation.

Thanks to the tilting system integrated in the optical compartment, Orma Half Moon has the ability to adapt to different installation heights by defining the diffusion of light up to 3 metres away from the source.

Orma QFJ Linealightgroup Outdoor Downlight 1200X1200
Orma AM Linealightgroup Outdoor Downlight 1280X1920
Orma AM Linealightgroup Outdoor Downlight 1280X1920 1

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