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Vivaldi_P3 - White



System suspension version

As part of the Sinfonia family, the Vivaldi_P3 is a single-emission suspension lamp for indoor use. The product has three circular LED lights, all interconnected. With a body and mounting component in aluminium, different finishes are available to render the product suitable for use in various contexts.


Vivaldi_P3 is a single-emission pendant lamp ideal for indoor use. Based on the same aesthetic as Vivaldi_P1, this version features three circular LED lights connected to each other to provide optimal illumination. With an aluminum body and frame available in various finishes, this lamp adapts perfectly to a variety of use cases. Discover the elegance and efficiency of Vivaldi_P3, a versatile and sophisticated addition to enhance any environment it graces.

Vivaldi Amb 01
Vivaldi Amb 01

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