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Vos_RJ - White



Round tilting version

Round directional downlight with recessed installation characterized by a minimalist design. VOS_RJ is a ceiling-mounting recessed luminaire featuring a reflector and a F.O.L.™ filtering system. With its PIN-HOLE controlled-reflectance system, the recessed source with power LED or array LED technology and screening ensures glare protection. This product is therefore particularly suitable for illuminating shops, hotels and private homes.

Pin-hole camera concept


The Vos luminaires offer high visual comfort due to the optical compartment that uses the pin-hole camera concept, guaranteeing reflectance control.

The source is arranged on a plane set back from the opening of the compartment: the photons that compose the primary light beam exit without encountering obstacles, while the more external ones bounce within the compartment, painted black to obtain the maximum degree of absorption.

Vos Pinhole Linealightgroup 1200X1200

Tilt Adjustable

The Vos_RJ and Vos_QJ range of products come with a 360° mobility on the horizontal axis and a 35° tilt on the vertical axis.

The downlight structure was designed to avoid rear light dispersion and for shielding the internal of the dropped ceiling.

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Vos Rj Linealightgroup 1200X1200 (1)

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