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Xenia_AF PRO Micro Louvre - undefined

Xenia_AF PRO Micro Louvre


Frageless version and MicroLouvre optics | powerLED

Xenia_AF PRO Micro Louvre represents the evolution of lighting technology, offering customers even greater visual comfort. This Micro Louvre version is equipped with a special anti-glare grid that segments the light beam into microcells, ensuring impeccable illumination and minimizing the glaring phenomenon. The extremely thin grid does not compromise the quality or uniformity of the emitted light but allows to shield part of the annoying glare, offering a more comfortable and pleasant visual experience. The body in anodized aluminum alloy 6060 gives Xenia_AF PRO Micro Louvre excellent robustness and durability, while the frameless design adds a touch of modernity and elegance to any environment.

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