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Outlook-C - White



System version

Discover innovative lighting with Outlook-C, our system lamp featuring a white crinkle-painted aluminum body and a transparent glass diffuser. This lighting solution not only offers a modern and eye-catching design but also delivers optimal performance for any environment. With its Wide Flood optics (62°) and a CCT of 3000K, Outlook-C provides uniform and comfortable light, perfect for illuminating large areas with impeccable lighting. This system version is based on the Outlook suspension, wall, and recessed families, ensuring stylistic consistency throughout your lighting design. Choose Outlook-C for quality lighting and uncompromising design.


For places of art and worship, residential areas and accommodation facilities.

Extended to everyday living, Outlook_C evokes deep emotions, creating striking lighting effects. The wrinkle-white painted aluminium body and the transparent glass diffuser retain the full power of the LED source inside. A light beam with an amplitude of 45°, rotatable up to 350°, ensures maximum application versatility.

Gallery Product Outlook C Cable 1200X1200
Gallery Product Outlook C Cable 1920X1080
Gallery Product Outlook Cable Linealightgroup 1280X1920

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