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Outlook_S - White



Ceiling version

A ceiling mounted spotlight that highlights with modern and tasteful style. Designed for daily living Outlook_S elicits deep emotions by producing attractive lighting effects. The casing in white wrinkle-effect coated aluminium and the diffuser in transparent glass, house all the power of the LED source. A light source that can be rotated up to 350° and tilted by 30° for maximum mobility and adjustability of the light beam, which opens up to 45°. Outlook_S is dedicated to lighting artistic venues and places of worship, residential environments and hotels.


Wide range

In the surface-mounted version, Outlook is perfect for spot lighting that, extended to everyday living, excites by creating striking lighting effects in residential settings. Body in embossed white painted aluminium; lens in transparent glass.

Gallery Product Outlooks Ceiling Linealightgroup 1280X720
Gallery Product Outlooks Ceiling Linealightgroup 1920X1080
Gallery Product Outlook Ceiling Linealightgroup 1280X1920

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